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So Why the Migraine Lord?


Some of you know I suffer regular migraines. They're not the "knock you on your backside" kind, but they are strong, steady, painful headaches that won't easily go away. In fact, I'm still fighting one that started Tuesday night as I was going to bed.

So one has to ask, why? Why God? What is the glory for You and the joy for me in this stupid migraine?!

This morning I got a wonderful answer. Addie agreed to go with me to Starbucks. A venti caramel macchiato with an extra shot of espresso sometimes helps knock the migraine out (or at least diminish it, for a time). And yes, this is as per the doctor's orders. So anyway, Addie often comes with me as I find the comfort of my wife's presence also helps make the migraines manageable.

So we sit down at Starbucks for a "migraine date." I like the leather comfy chairs, and will choose them even if a stranger is sitting opposite on the couch. I notice a man sitting on the couch reading his Bible. I can't help myself, migraine or no migraine I introduce myself. Turns out he is an evangelist, trained in Evangelism Explosion, with a worldwide ministry to churches right now. I literally asked him for a few of his gems of wisdom for free. He smiled and over the next half hour he shared some of the wisdom he has collected about church ministry and evangelism. Wow!!! This meeting alone was worth the suffering of the migraine.

Then he left for an appointment in Birmingham. A young man came in and sat down on the couch opposite Addie and I. Smiling, I made a comment to Addie, and loud enough for him to hear, "Wow, look at that Addie, a young man who is not afraid to sit with strangers."

I introduced Addie and I, and he himself. He asked a question about the conversation Addie and I had been having, and the natural answer was to tell him my job. This led to some questions, which led to some answers, which led to some more questions, more answers, more questions, more answers, more...

An hour later Addie and I had witnessed to this young man clearly and thoroughly. He professes some belief in Jesus but he is not sure he is saved, yet. We explained the gospel, urged him to faith in Jesus, invited Him to church, exchanged contact info., and set the stage for meeting again in the near future!

So why God, a migraine? So I could be further equipped to lead our church in its witness, and so this young man could hear the gospel and believe. Both fruits are yet to be fully brought forth. But I can be confident, if God went through all this trouble to set up a migraine so Addie and I would be at Starbucks at just the right time, how much more will He not do?!

Brothers and sisters. He is sovereign. He has ordained your good works (Ephesians 2:10), works that let the light of Jesus shine forth in word and deed so that Jesus is believed upon, into (Matthew 5:16; Jh 1:5). What is He doing through your circumstances? Look for the glory (John 15:8), and grab a hold of of it for the joy (John 15:11). You will never regret. Instead your life will be filled with joy and glory!

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