Currently, we are holding socially-distanced worship services at 10am every Sunday.  As soon as the COVID-19 danger has passed, our plan is to resume normal worship services as quickly as possible.  Please watch this banner, as well as our FaceBook page, for more information as it develops.  To reach us directly, please email us and one of the elders or deacons will get back with you as quickly as possible (contact information is below).


************* ATTENTION *************

Effective 22 November, The Church at Chantilly will begin worshipping at 5 Arden Road, Montgomery AL.  Our new schedule will begin with 9:30 bible study and 10:30 worship.  On December 6th, we will resume evening worship services at 5:00pm.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at the information below.


Worship services - Sunday 10 am.  See About: Welcome for other services and times.

In the Valley

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A God’s-Eye View of Ghosts

Many of us, well-trained in the school of chills and thrills, find something almost delicious in scaring ourselves silly like this. But if we are honest with ourselves, especially in the wee small hours, the thought that ghosts and ghouls might target our bedroom to haunt tonight is something other than entertaining. In these moments we come closest to the experience of ...

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Shall We Witness?

Shall we witness? Yes, yes we shall. And Jesus will be lifted up in the eyes, ears and hearts of all the Spirit calls to trust in him. Let us not ignore the growing antagonism to, complacency for, and ignorance of the gospel. Yet, let us ask Jesus to keep his promises, He will still use us to save sinners!...

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Bountiful Harvest

This is why we consider these bountiful harvests of degradation in the church: because God has yet prom-ised to bring revival on his people, and (re)build his church in the pure gospel that leaves them rejoicing in Jesus! There is a bountiful recovery yet waiting for us. Let us go to him and ask in simple faith and repent-ance. He will amen!...

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Upside Down Blessings

It is reasonable to be upset about the increasing degrees of persecution against Christians in our land. It is reasonable to even be scared by just the threat of it. Yet let us not remain in that fear. Let us look to our brothers and sisters suffering worse degrees of persecution for the name of Christ. Let us take comfort in their prayers for us that we too might experien...

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Slaying the Sexual Deviancy god

Let’s end with one more significant reminder: Jesus lived, died, and rose again to break all our idolatries, in-cluding all our sexual idolatries. “Such were some of you” in 1 Corinthians 6:11 is the guarantee that the forgiveness and cleansing in 1 John 1:9 is true! Let us take this promise to our fami-ly/friends/neighbors/strangers. Whether they’ve worshipped the...

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Glorious Guilt

We need to be clear in our warning against sexuality outside legitimate heterosexual marriage, if only be-cause it is a common sin ensnaring and carrying of into eternal hell millions around us. The ensnared ones include both shepherds and sheep professing faith in Christ. For their sake we must be clear on the true danger they face. And we must also be clear on the suffic...

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Whatever That Means

Let us put repentance’s necessity back in its place, as the starting point for our gospeling. People will be saved, both those rejecting Jesus and those with a flawed hope in him. They will be freed from “whatever that means.”...

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The Blessings of Comfort Criminals

Even though the believer is promised that God is sovereignly overseeing each day of life with Christ, in its details, the appearance of these daily comfort criminals leads him to ask, “Uh God, you’re paying attention, right?” The answer God gives in the Bible may seem like there is a disconnect between reality and his understand-ing of what exactly comfort is. Nevert...

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Free of Guilt and Shame to Live in the Light

There you have it! A man with the most despicable life imaginable, at the last possible moment of life, made a profession of faith, to which God said “yes”. He did nothing to earn this, nor could he do anything to prove his worth afterwards. Instead, an exception to the rule, this man was ushered from conversion, to im-mediate death, to judgment. There he found that hi...

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The Spirit-ual Octane Boosted Life

You will experience the Spirit-ual Octane-Boosted life. As you do, let your gratefulness for your new life propel you into witnessing to those around you. Some of them are driving their lives into the doom of hell. Others may or may not be saved, and need to know how you’ve learned to live by the Spirit-powered, faith-fueled new life in Christ. Both kinds of people will ...

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